Rob bites into life, and it shows in all that he does. Affectionately known as “Scratch” to his fighter pilot mates, he hails from Victoria, British Columbia and now lives in Vancouver where he is living out his dreams balancing acting, flying and producing film and TV.


As a third generation military pilot, flying was in his blood. Rob joined the RCAF to be a fighter pilot after receiving a degree in Sociology. He recalls the harrowing tales of his grandfather flying Spitfires in Europe in WWII, and proudly watching his dad fly jets in the 70s and 80s. After topping his flying courses, Rob went on not only to become a fighter pilot flying CF-18s, he was selected as an air show pilot both in the CF-18 and with the world renowned Snowbirds jet team.

It was with the Snowbirds that Scratch was able to blend his passion for aviation and the artist in himself. In 2006 Scratch returned to the Snowbirds as the Team Lead for two years. Following this, Scratch was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and had the honour of being selected as an exchange officer for post-grad training in Australia. He also received a Masters degree in Strategy and Management and became a fanatical surfer.

Rob continued to develop a parallel passion for acting and performing. After studying acting and the film industry for numerous years, Scratch could not deny he had found another life calling.  After 20 years in the Air Force he realized he had to live up to his countless motivational speeches to school kids; to “pursue and bite into your dreams.” Rob submitted his release and announced that he was going to retire from the Air Force to become a full time producer, actor and air show pilot.

Recently Scratch has had the privilege of flying a classic F-86 fighter jet for Vintage Wings of Canada. Currently he is thrilled to fly with the world famous Patriots Jet Team out of California, a team that very closely aligns with one of his guiding principles, “passion, focus and action”; his key to success.

As a public speaker, media personality and actor, Scratch embraces the opportunity to connect with people. Scratch the actor seeks out complex male roles, something that allows him to delve into the intricacies of the human condition.

Blending two of his worlds, Scratch is flying jets and working in TV as both a character and consulting Producer of the upcoming hit series AIRHSOW.

Scratch is also a passionate sailor and has represented Canada at several world events. As a husband and father, he has two awe-inspiring children and an equally passionate and tolerant wife.

Per Ardua ad Astra…