Scratch Mitchell - Producer

SpeedBirdFinal “It seems that producing film and TV is just like running a Squadron of fighter Jets; it’s all about people and resources, with a dose of creativity thrown in the mix.”

After an extraordinary career as a fighter pilot and Snowbird pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Scratch took the opportunity to use his organizational and leadership skills as a Squadron Commander and turn them towards film and TV production.

It comes as no surprise that Scratch has embraced subject matter that is close to his heart; aviation. He has been involved in show development with a number of production companies, provides Air Force style production safety management (Highway Thru Hell), consults on and directs helicopter film shoots and acts as consulting producer on the Discovery series AIRSHOW.

While the near future plans include even more great aviation related material, Scratch has big plans to develop thought provoking science fiction films and tales of fantastic human adventure.

Scratch’s goal is to inspire people by make compelling film and TV about the things most passionate in his life and to explore the human condition.

Scratch hails from Victoria, British Columbia and now lives in Vancouver where he is living out his dreams balancing acting, aviation and producing Film and TV.

Per Ardua ad Astra…

Robert Mitchell

North Vancouver, BC
604-653-6101 / 604-971-4317


Consulting Producer, Director in training
Great Pacific Television
Highway Thru Hell
Safety Consultant, Aviation filming consultant, Director in training
Great Pacific Television
Aviation Program (untitled)
Development, Talent
Omni Films
Bush Pilot
Development, Consulting Producer
Rubber Toe Productions
Speedbird Productions

Special Skills & Talent

Aviation air-air videography consultant

Human Factors in Reality TV consultation